Museu de Cordofones


Chordophones Museum


Domingos Machado

The Chordophones Museum of Domingos Machado, was inaugurated on 22 September 1995. The museum is housed in a pleasant-looking house, built recently in stone in Tebosa, next to the national road. It is a private museum, which belongs to Domingos Machado. Its owner did not receive any support , subsidy or contribution.

Here are exhibited several collections of chordophones: ukuleles, classical guitars, guitars, banjos, banjolins, typical mandolins and guitars. Visitors can view the materials used in their manufacture and the various stages of construction of a ukulele . Visitors can also visit the workshop of the craftsman. A large work desk, worn by the time and craft own props: molds that will shape the violas, guitars, ukuleles and other instruments; alcohol, adhesives, varnishes, etc.