Museu de Cordofones

Working for the largest collectors, national and European level, Domingos Machado took a stand and decided to create his own collection, with which he gave life to his museum, inaugurated on September 22, 1995.
The precious collection consists of over eighty chordophone instruments, from medieval times, through the baroque and coming up to today. About the same, the museum boasts books highlighting their characteristics, history and ways of being played.
For this museum pass college students as well as teachers to develop the master's thesis defense.
We can also see and enjoy the main phases (thirteen) of artisanal construction of the ukulele.
The museum's background music highlights the sound of the exposed instruments.

About Us

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We have also seen Domingos Machado on television, for example, in the Paco Bandeira or Marco Paulo program. Also we have seen in the Praçade Joy Hello and Portugal with Manuel Luis Goucha and has also been broadcast on RTP3. And not only the Portuguese television ... I filmed for TV Globo, Brazil, and a Japanese television station.
Not only on television that his name is mentioned. Also figure as well as your photo in some books: Instrumentos Musicais Portugueses, Ernesto Veiga de Oliveira; Instrumentos Musicais, Luís Henrique; Roteiro Artesão Português, Maria Natália Almeida D’Eça; Artesanato da Região Norte e As Idades da Madeira, Instituto do Emprego e Formação Profissional; Música Popular Portuguesa, Mário Correia; Os Sons e Tons da Música Popular Portuguesa e Cordofones Portugueses, José Lúcio; Companhia dos Sons, António Castro and Isabel Figueiredo (book of the 6th grade of the discipline of musical education).
Currently, Domingos Machado has its museum open to everyone who wants to visit. His honor book already contains dedications in Portuguese, Spanish, French, Dutch, German, English and even Japanese!
He feels acomplished because he sees his dream come true and the continuation of his art by Alfredo Machado, his son.